For your convenience, we have put together a list of the key features available on

Account Features

  • Ability to create multiple logins for a single account with read/write and read-only capabilities.
  • 2 Factor Authentication via Google Authenticator.
  • User-level audit log showing detailed activity for each configured user.

Client Management

  • Ability to store up to 50,000 clients under a single account.
  • Simple CSV client import and syncing with 3rd party vendors.
  • Ability to support incorporated and non-incorporated entities.
  • Ability to list connected parties (e.g. shareholders, beneficial owners, directors, employees etc) to a single client profile.
  • Simple risk profiling and reporting allows you to get an overview of your client’s risk profile.

PEP and Sanctions

  • Automatic cross-checking of individuals against UK HM Treasury Sanctioned Targets.
  • Enhanced financial sanction checks against a wide range of data sources from various countries.
  • Automatic cross-checking of individuals against a database of Politically Exposed Persons.
  • Enhanced PEP checks against a wide range of data sources from various countries.

Electronic ID Checks

  • Perform an electronic ID check via a number of data sources, including credit reference agencies, using a client’s name, address and date of birth.
  • Electronic ID Checks are typically returned in 5-10 minutes.

Enhanced Document Verification

  • Verify UK issues passports and driving licenses for appearance, digital alterations, and check them against lost and stolen databases

Client Portal

  • Ability to host a branded client portal where your clients can upload documents and respond to enquiries.
  • HTML/CSS control for custom header and footer sections within your client portal.

Custom KYC Profiles

  • Create custom request types for both documents and general queries.
  • Tailor your KYC checks according to client type or risk profile.
  • Electronic PEP and Sanctions checks


  • Ability to view live data from Companies House and monitor for changes to corporate structure.
  • Ability to perform inline electronic ID checks on a per-client basis.
  • Link with QuickFile accounting software to make onboarding of clients a seamless process

Import and Export

  • Export all your data to a collection of CSV spreadsheet files.
  • Import client records from a CSV spreadsheet.

Something missing?

If there’s a feature you’d like to see in ML Verify, why not start a feature request here on our community?